30 Peculiar Signs to Look for When a Guy Likes You

When we like a guy, we look for signs that they like us back. Unfortunately, guys rarely behave in a way that makes sense to us. Here’s what to look for.

We all had that boy in elementary school who was overly mean. You know, the one who was always calling you names, pushing you, or just being callous? Likely, adults had the answer for his bad behavior, and it was that he had a crush on us. Confusing enough for a growing mind, the hard reality is that little boys who behave badly often don’t stray much from the big ones who can act just as mind-bogglingly.

If you’re wondering if a guy likes you, there are some peculiar ways that he may be behaving. When a woman likes a man, she often becomes more loving and wants to take care of him, and will likely expect the same from him. The problem is that men rarely ever behave the way we expect and often not the way that we want them to.

These things may be confusing, but they actually say “I like you”

Because men can often have a difficult time of expressing their feelings through words, it’s important to pay attention to his actions to decipher his feelings for you. Here are some key actions you should be looking for.

#1 He makes fun of you. Calling you out constantly or poking fun at you are sometimes the ways that a guy will show you that he likes you. He thinks it’s fun and that he’s showing you attention, even if it feels critical and hurts your feelings.

#2 He pretends that he couldn’t care less. When you walk into the room, he doesn’t even glance your way. A guy’s ego is very fragile. If he shows that he likes you and that feeling isn’t returned, that is dangerous to him. To protect himself, he will often act like he couldn’t care less about you, when in reality, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

#3 He does little things for you. If you notice that he’s going across town to get you coffee at your favorite place instead of just going down to the lobby, he has a crush on you.

#4 He asks what your plans are for the weekend. He may not go so far as to invite you out, but showing interest in your plans probably means that he is waiting for you to take the first step.

#5 He doesn’t answer your text. If your friend doesn’t answer, she is likely pissed. If your crush disappears in the middle of a conversation, he is probably playing hard to get.

#6 He will break up with you. Often, guys who are afraid of their own feelings will break it off with you for no reason at all. If everything is going great and he up and ends it out of nowhere, he is probably afraid of his feelings for you.

#7 He flirts with your friends. In their pea brain, they think that if they are more desirable to your friends, you will want them. They don’t see it as a personal affront, just a way to appear more popular.

#8 He helps you move. Need I say more? No guy is going to help anyone move unless he really likes you.

#9 He cleans up to meet you out. If a guy cleans up before meeting you out after a long day, he probably likes you. They rarely put in the energy to change their underwear unless they are trying to make an impression.

#10 He always seems to be there. Even if he doesn’t say a word to you while out, if you notice that he is always just “there,” he likely has a crush on you.

#11 He invites you to a family event. He may say that he’s trying to get everyone off his back by bringing a girl to a family event. But think about it, if he didn’t respect and like you, would you be the person he wants his family to think he’s dating?

#12 His apartment is clean. If you go to his apartment and it’s clean and smelling fresh, he likes you. Of course, there is always the chance that he is just really neat, but those chances are slim.

#13 He gives you a nickname. He has a nickname for all of his friends, but if he gives you one, then there is something special about you in his eyes.

#14 He texts you out of the blue. A guy doesn’t do anything unintentionally. If he sends you a text message seemingly out of nowhere, that means he has been thinking about you and debating whether he should text you for a while. He just finally got up the courage.

#15 He will go see a chick flick. No guy goes to a chick flick unless he really likes a girl. Period.

#16 Every other guy, in his opinion, is a douchebag. If you notice that anytime you bring up your male friend, he has nothing but negative things to say, it is likely that he is jealous and thinks that by making other guys look bad, he will look good.

#17 He offers to walk you home. Sure, most guys are protective, but if he leaves an awesome party to walk you to your car or to walk you home, there is something more motivating than just his wanting to be a nice guy.

#18 He invites himself along. If he is often inviting himself along on mundane things like the grocery store and the Laundromat, then he is looking for time to be alone with you.

#19 He skips a game to be with you. When there is a game on and he chooses to do something with you instead, he’s surely got a thing for you.

#20 He is secretive. Most women think that a secretive man is always doing something sneaky. Often, if a guy is secretive, it is because he is afraid that if you knew the real him, you wouldn’t like who he is. Being secretive or closed is a way that he protects himself from disapproval.

#21 He chooses you over his mom. A guy’s heart belongs to one woman—his mother. That is, until another woman steals it away. If he had plans with his family, specifically his mother, and cancels them to be with you, you better watch out because that boy is in love.

#22 He tries to set you up with his friends. Now, this is the most peculiar behavior of all. In setting you up with his friend, who he knows is totally not right for you, he rationalizes that he will look stellar and will get to spend time with you. That type of situation happens most frequently when he is with someone else but wants you.#23 He picks up the tab. If he absolutely won’t let you pay for your coffee, your lunch, or your dinner, then he likes you. Guys don’t pay for girls they don’t like.

#24 He makes you dinner. A guy doesn’t go through the hassle of making his famous dish just for the heck of it. If he is putting his time and energy into making you a meal, it is because he is trying to show you that he can be domestic, too.

#25 He singles you out. You would think that he would want to compliment you if he likes you, but the truth is that even some guys themselves don’t know how to behave when they like you. Fear causes them to use self-preservation behaviors like singling you out in a crowd just to be rude to you.

#26 He smells good. Guys who like girls try out different scents and mouthwashes before going out. If he is trying to impress you with his fresh smell *or maybe even overpowering you with it*, then he digs your chili.

#27 He barely says two words to you. Liking a girl can turn even the most outgoing guy into a shriveling idiot. If he can’t seem to put two words together, then it is likely that you are befuddling him.

#28 He throws money around like it’s water. Guys who want to impress girls think that buying the bar shots “all around” is a way to show off their wealth and the fact that they have the means to take care of a woman. If he is saying that the next round is on him every time, he is trying to buy your admiration.

#29 He tries out a new look. The guy who is typically dressed in jeans and a t-shirt who shows up with a new trendy button-down is out to impress you. If, seemingly for no reason, he changes the way that he dresses, gets a haircut, or changes something about himself, he is obviously crushing hard.

#30 He starts working out. When the guy who would rather sit on the couch than strap on a pair of shoes suddenly starts to hit the gym, he is interested in catching your eye. If he is finding new muscles and displaying them to you, then he wants to exercise a different muscle with you.