How To Impress A Girl – Not With Flowers And Gifts

Women may seem a complicated lot. It is sometimes a herculean task to know what makes them happy or sad; what impresses them and what does not.They continueto remain an enigma. But is this really true? Well, we leave it to your perception and imagination. But we can surely help you find out more about your girl and what you can do to impress her beyond roses and gifts. Read on to explore ways to really impress her and understand the woman of your life.

Gone are the days where girls get super mushy about roses, teddy bears and chocolates. Though they are still good enough in the initial stages!A strong relationship between you and your love is more about showing respect to each other and giving that little thing called personal space. It is all about discovering each other’s likes and dislikes. It is also about going that extra mile to see your girl happy and contented.

Little ways to impress your girl:

Pay attention to your looks. It definitely pays off! First impressions are lasting impressions. Dress to perfection and make an impact. Wearing the right clothes that suit you and being well groomed and presentable are tiny little things that definitely do not miss a girl’s eye. When you are around her, get the right aura and positive pleasant vibrations. Your pleasant persona is definitely an attention grabber. A well-groomed man with perfect manners makes the complete man.

Looks matter, but being a narcissist will not get you anywhere. The girl in your life wants your attention. She wants you to listen to her. Make an effort at having meaningful conversations, even if at times, the topic may not be of interest to you. May be it is very dear to her and your girl is expressing herself. Recognise that and value that importance she is giving to you.

Be well versed. Being knowledgeable definitely matters. Have a good sense of humour. Making someone smile and laugh is an art. Girls love to be in the company of such people. Make sure you speak without hurting her. Weigh your words carefully and think twice before you utter anything. Any damage done cannot be undone.

  • Make her feel special and loved.

Go that extra mile to make her feel comfortable. She needs to feel that she is the special person in your life. Your efforts will not be wasted. A woman, who feels special and wanted, will in return shower all her love uninhibitedly.

Women need to feel that they are respected for what they are. Give them the respect that they deserve. Women know their worth and cannot tolerate disrespect. Respect is a two way thing in a relationship. She will treat you with respect and she expects the same in return.

Treat the woman in your life as an equal. In a real relationship, both are at par. No one is at a high pedestal. If anything, it should be your love and respect towards each other that should occupy the highest place. If anyone needs help, be humble enough to ask each other. Don’t let ego ruin the love between the two of you.

  • Help her realise her dreams.

Encourage her to follow her dreams and support her. All she needs is a small word of appreciation for her achievements. Your recognition matters a lot. Do not criticize and be judgemental about her goals and dreams. Inspire her to make her dreams come true. Make her see her hidden talents.

  • Be sensitive to her feelings.

Women express a lot through their feelings. Don’t be insensitive to them. Understand her feelings.

Help her do the home chores and surprise her by doing those little things that she may not expect from you. Take initiative. Be spontaneous and throw her a surprise dinner, with a specially cooked meal, done up entirely by you. She would cherish these moments her entire life.

  • Do not forget important dates.

Women attach a lot of significance to special days. Don’t disappoint them ever. Remember all your important days and plan in advance to celebrate your moments. Birthdays, anniversaries etc. are all meant to be celebrated. Remembering the dates and throwing in an element of surprise makes them even more amazing. After all, the ground rule of any happy relationship is to cherish and remember the all-important dates as they are very dear to each other.

Learn the art of expressing your love. Simply knowing that you love your girl is just not enough. Explore ways to express your infinite love. Open up and see the world of a difference in your relationship.

Give utmost respect to your woman’s individuality. It goes a long way in maintaining the perfect balance in a relationship. Do ask her opinion about things. Make her know that her opinion counts and is valued during decision making.

  • Don’t ever control her or push her boundaries.

Women just cannot tolerate when they are pushed to their limits. They have their set of principles, moral, values and ethics. Respect that. Don’t ever take an upper hand in your relationship and control the strings. Domination and control causes a shift in the delicate balance, which may hurt the relationship. Be very careful and give the freedom that she deserves.

Finally, work on your relationships. Be unique and be the person who stands by his woman always and support her. Keep up your word. Impress your woman by recognising her worth and being at her side.

If you don’t think we are right, maybe these words by a few wise men will help you out!

“If you love her, fight for her, not with her!”

“Good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together.”