How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationship might sound very difficult or even impossible. But if you give it a serious thought, you can conclude there is not much difference between long or short distance relationships. Whatever may be the type of relationship you are in; the basic necessities for it to work are the same. Proper communication and commitment is the golden rule to be imbibed. A long distance relationship requires a lot of trust to make it strong. They should always stay in contact which does not mean calling each other once in every 20 minutes nor speaking for hours and hours together. They shouldsupport each other during tough times more than on a normal day. Being together during troubled times brings more emotional bonding and trust. The individuals should be ready to give importance to the other person’s daily activities and interests.

Few points that would help long distance relationship work

Trust cannot be gained immediately. It’s a gradual process where both of you feel comfortable sharing your personal thoughts. The moment you feel good and secure after speaking to him is the first step to note that you have already started to trust him. The confidence that your secrets are safe with him is also an indication that you trust him. Once you trust your partner, then surely long distance relationship will not be a pain.

Stay connected through all the means like video chat, texting, social networks, telephone calls, emails, hand written letters, etc. Spending the whole day is not required. But short sweet calls giving your updates on each other’s activities would be just fine. A good morning and good night message will be more effective rather than long gossips. Make each other know he is your first and last thought every day. Some missing time every day makes you closer. You just have to be concerned about the long gaps from talking or meeting since that might create an emotional distance between you two and that’s not good.

Don’t restrict yourself to one or two topics as it could get boring. Speak about all kind of topics and not just about you both. From economic crisis to your morning coffee’s taste there are enormous topics to be shared. Try to elaborate on the topic with specific details because that would signify how special your partner is.

For a successful long-term relationship emotional bonding plays a critical role. Emotional bonding is the foundation for a strong relationship and to move on further to make lifetime decisions. Every action has an effect on emotional bonding and vice versa.You need not be very cautious on each and every step because that would result in duplication of your feelings. Being yourself and providing attention at times of need to your partner makes up a lot of impact in a relationship. Take effort to learn about your partner’s boundaries and make sure you don’t hurt him by any means. Even if you had unknowingly hurt him take few steps to make it up. This counts a lot in emotional bonding since it shows how important your partner is to you.

  • Respect other person’s daily activities

Living alone away from your partner does not make you lonely. This is one of the best ways to concentrate on your career, family and friends. At the same time also understand about your partner’s family and friends. You should also understand his daily activities and schedule and should not disturb him during those important hours.This way each of you can realize the respect for each other’s personal freedom and time. This will not only help you both now but also for a better future.

Be honest in your relationship. There is no need to hide the truth or lie to your partner. For example if you are going out with your friends to a party late night, then inform him about your plan well ahead. If you lie to your partner to keep the relationship going, then it will not work. One day when he gets to know the truth it will create a very insecure and uncomfortable situation to handle. So either inform him or don’t do what he dislikes. This way a strong commitment is created.

  • Work together on your common interests

Learn about each other’s interests and encourage your partner to achieve more. In case you have any common interests like photography or cooking etc., try to create projects to work together. This way you can learn a lot about the project and your partner too and also you get a great feeling of accomplishing a goal together.

Surprises make you happy and excited. It makes you feel how important your partner’s presence is. Also planning surprises during special dates like birthdays make it even more wonderful moment. Surprises need not be physical presence, it could also be a hand written letter, a card, or a special and useful gift. Also visit your partner when he is trouble. This would really boost him to overcome his shortcomings.This is one of the best way to make your partner realizes your importance in his life.

  • Think about the positives

There are many positives in a long distance relationship. Missing each other more is directly proportional to a strong relationship. It makes you and your partner to plan about future and set short term goals which aids in self-improvements. It keeps you going in your schedule and career.You have a fixed time for all your activities and have a clear plan. It also gives a positive feeling when you know thatthere is a person eagerly waiting to meet you. The missing part and longingness to meet each other make you more attached emotionally and makes you strong when compared to a short distance relationship. There is almost no chance for small or silly fights which sometimes blows the relationship. Of course seeing the positive side of a long distance relationship can be tough initially but it really counts.

While you may think it isn’t easy to sustain a long-term relationship, if it is built on a strong foundation, there’s nothing that will keep it from falling apart. There are a lot of couples who are living apart, and making it work. They will all tell you one thing, nothing will keep true love from getting away!