The 6-Letter WORD That Makes Her Obsessed..

TODAY, right here in this VIP newsletter below, I’m going to reveal to you the 6-LETTER WORD that makes hot girls obsessed with you..

Then, I’m going to DEMONSTRATE it for you.

And’re going to use it for the rest of your days to trigger female obsession at will.

You ready?

What do you think it is?

Let’s challenge that brain of yours.

Think, think, think.

OK, times up.

The word is…VISION.

Listen dude.

You get a girl to spend 10 minutes around aHigh-Status Male, with a huge, massive, throbbing vision…and you’ve got yourself a girl who is on the cusp of obsession.

Fvck, I love that.

On the cusp of obsession.

But it’s true.

The secret is that the guy must know how to communicate his vision to her,
in a High-Status way, that turns her on and inspires her at the same time.

(Not hard, I’ll show you how in a sec.)

Think about this: You have a girl you’re really attracted to right now, right?

Picture her.

Got it?




How many guys per day do you think she meets?



Maybe 20-30 if she works in a really social environment.

Now..the question that brings the thunder:

How many of those guys do you think have a big, huge, throbbing vision for
themselves and their life?

The answer, in case you didn’t know, is 0.

Maybe 1.

(And that feller keeps it tight to his tiny chest, afraid of showing it to the world.)

When she meets you, gets blasted in the face with that High-Status Energy and then time travels into the future with your vision, it’s game over.

See, women are fortune tellers.

They see you today, but they see you TOMORROW as well..

(By tomorrow, I mean 1-10 years from now.)

And if they get a hit of your vision, and their fortune teller mechanism tells them, “This guy is going places. And his future sounds amazing..I would

love to be a part of that,” you’ve got ’em.

Obessesion = Triggered.

This is partly why the top guys on Team Capital are all so exceptionally AMBITIOUS.

They know how wet it gets a girl.

And isn’t that really a good thing?

He’s going places, and her panties are soaking wet.

What could be better? 🙂

Here, you love to raise your value and invest in yourself, so I’ll give
you an example of the right way to share your vision with a girl..

The key to remember is, you’re ALREADY going places, whether she comes or not.

This is your decision, your self-commitment, your creed.

Women love an ambitious man who’s also indifferent/carefree to her whims.

She’s coming into his world, and not the other way around.

So for instance, I’m building the Capital Compound right now, and dude…it’s gonna be so awesome.

Ever since I first really fell in love with game, I’ve been fascinated with turning where I lived into some new and improved version of the Playboy Mansion..

This is gonna be it.

We’re gonna have multiple wings there..

One for me, one for our guys working on the next big project for Team Capital, one for our clients to come and work, and of course…one for the Team Capital Girls.

We’re gonna have a gym, personal chef, recording studio for videos, and the pool parties!

Fvck dude…the pool parties. Lol.

The pool area is gonna be massive, with a 20-foot red rock waterfall that
you can stand under, and listen to the blue water crash down around you, as endless amounts of hot girls in red, California bikinis frolic around you,  playing, laughing, drinking.

We’re gonna throw those pool parties every weekend, the whole city of LA is gonna know about it and wanna come.

But you know…the Capital Compound is gonna be..

..the HARDEST Door in Los Angeles.

Except for the top guys on Team Capital, who are gonna come the night before for a closed-doors seminar, then enjoy the pool party the day after.

Can you picture it?

Can you see where we’re going now?

Can you see how BADASS our future is about to be?

Fvck…I’m getting hard just talking about it right now.


And that, my well-hung friend, is A VISION.

I’ve shared that with a few hot girls before..

..and what do you think they were feeling while I shared that with them?

What do you think they were picturing while I shared that with them?

Do you think they wanted to come with me there?

The answer?


And it doesn’t matter how old she is (older women REALLY love men
with vision, cuz they know how rare it is) or how hot she is (most guys are nowhere near strong enough in their identity to share big, personal stuff like that with hot girls).

No routines..

No clown-man, boa feather bullshit..

Real, raw, ambitious VISION.

I fvcking love it.

So what’s your vision?

What are your various visions, right now, for the various edges you’re leaning into?

Find’ em.

Connect with ’em.

Practice ’em.

Then share ’em freely.

But always with that indifference to her reactions.

With that irresistible CAREFREENESS.

That utterly magnetic carefreeness that doesn’t care if she’s coming or not.

You are a man.

You have balls.

She does not.

This is where you have decided you are going, and nothing shall stop you your ascent.

If she doesn’t wanna come, it’s not your issue.

Some people just hate themselves..


But others actually LOVE themselves, as they should.

Like who?

Like YOU.

But now that you know the 6 letter word that makes a girl obsessed, I want you to be able to get every girl you want!

I can already imagine her, giggling at your challenging humor, eyes wide, already thinking inside
about making a move on YOU!

Would that be cool with you too? 🙂

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