Why Men Like Boobs: An In-Depth Scientific Explanation

Men and breasts. Men and boobs. I’m surprised that men weren’t made with breasts, since they like them so much, but here we are, asking the question, “Why do men like boobs?” We’re well into the 21st century and the data is still the same. Men like breasts, in general. That’s always been the norm.

But people are asking why. Why are guys so fixated on women’s chests? They look good, we know, but what else? Is there really a deeper connection to the brain and the eyes and their perception of women’s breasts? Or is the answer simply a resounding, “Duh”?

Why do men focus more on breasts than any other part of the body?

Obviously, a woman’s breasts are out there for everyone to see–whether they’re peeking over a low-cut top, or lending a slight curve to a baggy sweater. They’re a superficial and physical marker that people automatically see as a basis for one’s gender—never mind that there are probably more than a few men with breasts out there. [Not quite familiar with the feel of a breast?

Still, there are other parts of the body that have grown so popular that they’ve ended up having their own industries on Facebook and Instagram. Butts, legs, necks, hands—all of them are just as appreciated as breasts, but the data still stands. Boobs win over these other body parts every time.

Breast is best

To prove the theory that men put more focus on breasts than any other part of the body, researchers conducted a study at the University of Willington in New Zealand in 2009. They showed the male subjects six pictures of the same woman. The only difference in each picture was the size of her breasts, waist, and hips.

The researchers found that 47% of their subjects focused on the woman’s chest instead of her face. A third of those looked at the woman’s waist and hips, while less than 20% looked at her face. The study’s conclusion proved that most men are, indeed, more interested in a woman’s boobs, no matter what size they are.

The scientists think that this may be due to aesthetics, as opposed to any hormonal activity in the brain. Boobs look good to men, which is why they prefer them over any other body part. But, three years later, another group decided to contest that theory.

Why do men like boobs?

You might be wondering why men are fixated on boobs instead of other parts of the body, or why men see breasts as a sexualized part of a female’s body. Why can’t it be a forearm, or a knee? Both are aesthetically pleasing and easy to grab, but not so titillating that they could cause a boner out of nowhere—although, in some cases, they do.

In 2012, another study was conducted by Larry Young, a psychiatry professor at Emory University. He theorized that men like boobs because it made them bond with the first woman in their lives: their mothers. Let me explain in a less creepy way.

Infants bonded with their mothers while breastfeeding. The system in the brain that made that happen is the same system that makes grown men want to stare at or grab onto a pair of boobs.

It happened while men were babies—between them and their mothers—but now it’s happening to adult men and their female counterparts. Simply put, men like breasts because they help them bond with women.

As strange as it sounds that scientists are using breastfeeding and couple bonding in the same arc, it makes sense once you realize that men tend to act like babies *i.e. sucking, nuzzling, playing, and squeezing* when they have full and unadulterated access to a pair of breasts.

Are all men crazy about boobs?

If you look at what the media’s putting out, you might think, “Yes! Everyone is boob crazy!” But the opposite seems to be true, according to a study by Rutgers anthropologist, Fran Mascia-Lees.

Cultural differences may still play a part in male attraction. She cites the example of some African cultures, where women do not cover their breasts. Men in those cultures don’t exactly line up to jump the next topless female who walks by.

It’s possible that seeing uncovered breasts everyday makes them less attractive to men, but it all boils down to context. Most men like breasts up to a point, but it might depend on where they grew up or how they were raised, as well as the people who took care of them. [Want to know more about breasts? Check out:How to tell if your girlfriend’s breasts aren’t real]

So, you might ask, “What about men who didn’t breastfeed? Will it only affect a person living in a place with a culture like Africa? What if a man was living in a place like Saudi Arabia, where you will almost never find a photo or gain access to breasts until you were married? Since everything is covered, will it trigger the same level of curiosity for breasts and other body parts?”

“Now that there are campaigns like “Free the Nipple,” will it affect how men perceive breasts? Or will evolution continue to make men feel ecstatic whenever they see a pair?” These questions will forever be on the minds of scientists and psychologists, but until then, the search for answers will continue. And honestly, doesn’t that sound like a fun job?

In conclusion…

#1 Men like looking at boobs, regardless of their size.

#2 Men are programmed to like boobs, because it lets them bond with women.

#3 Not all men are powerfully attracted to boobs.

You may be wondering: how is this information useful? Honestly, we have no idea. But these are funded research studies and we’re pretty sure there’s money to be made from this information.

For now, all we know is that girls should take care of their lady parts, because it seems like they are the perfect tools for world domination. Why do men like boobs? Simply put: because they’re lovely, comforting, and mysterious.